Podcast 2: Organic Development of Community

Peter Land and Malcolm Schluenderfritz discuss community development. Topics include: the purpose of this website, the importance of organic development, the tension between intentionality and organic development, the primacy of friendship, core groups, the role of time and spatial relationships in building community spirit, community as an internal attitude or virtue that needs to be developed, an integrated life, the preferential option for the poor, poverty and community spirit, prepping, security in community, individualism, isolation, and the unexamined life.

(All transcripts edited for clarity and readability.)

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  • Maria Lamb

    I found this podcast very thought provoking. A good way to start building local community might be as simple as contracting the Catholics in your area —one mile or so in each direction. Use your parish directory and send out an invitation to a non-threatening event. Maybe you’d find a few who would be interested in helping to build community. From there, you could plan wider local events to unite the neighborhood in various ways.

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