Meet the Happy Are You Poor Team!

Malcolm Schluenderfritz

Malcolm Schluenderfritz, from the Happy Are You Poor Team, standing by his greenhouse.

Malcolm Schluenderfritz works in graphic design production and landscaping. His interests include Catholic spirituality, economics, gardening, alternative agriculture, and intentional community. He lives with family in Littleton, CO. He is the editor of the site and manages the Happy Are You Poor social media accounts.

Peter Land

Peter Land, a member of the Happy Are You Poor Team; shown while traveling on a pilgrimage across the country.

Peter Land lives and works at a Catholic Retreat Center in suburban Philadelphia. His work includes retreat ministry, faith formation and outreach to young adults. He has backpacked across the country and stayed with many intentional Christian communities. His interests lie in the grassroots renewal, prophetic witness and evangelical mission of the Church.”

Peter can be reached by email at

Jason and Jessica Wilde

Jason and Jessica Wilde, members of the Happy Are You Poor Team, shown with their children

Jason and Jessica Wilde are striving to build and share their home mission of living simply, radically, and generously in the world, following the example of Pope Francis’ encyclical, Laudato Si’. Currently, they are living in the Green Bay diocese.